Cold, Cold, COLD!

I would say my title might say a little about how this week has been…. COLD! We have had rain and cold, ice and cold and then even snow and cold but I am pleased to say I didn’t divert from the plan and achieved everything I wanted to.

On a massive plus as well I had my official photo’s returned from the brilliant James De Ara so please check through these great shots.

The week ahead will be a difficult one with my professional life needing to take priority but I am sure I will find a way, I always do!

To leave you all, as with every cyclist at this time of year you need to dig deep to find the inspiration to get out and forget the icy fingers and numb toes so I leave you with this inspiring quote which I like to think of when the weather is taking its toll…

“Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride” – Eddy Merckx


The First Week

So I am new to this idea of blogging what I do and whilst I have always enjoyed reading other peoples antics and interesting posts never thought I would be the one to do this.

I began my first week of training this week for my Three for 30 Challenge. It was a slow start with not the optimal amount of miles this week but nonetheless a good amount of time was spent in the saddle. I had cold mornings, rainy commutes and on one day numb toes which was not nice!


After the harsh winter rides all week I was happy to relish having my lovely girl back for the weekend so spent some time with her on the saturday followed by a good clean for the bike but was blessed with the opportunity to have the first official photoshoot for the challenge co-ordinated and captured by the brilliant James DeAra.


A Massive thank you to James and my lovely girlfriend Holly for standing around in the cold with me whilst I vainly enjoyed having my photo’s taken as the images really do capture me and what I am doing extremely well and I cannot wait to get these images out.

So with one week done I look forward to another week of training and making something I thought would always be a pipeline dream a reality. I am sure you will be bored of this but you can follow me on here where I will be posting regularly but please go to my instagram page @threefor30 and like, share and follow for all my updates or come and see what I am doing on Facebook.

Until next time!